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Project Description

This DNN module allows website users to invite their friends, family and co-workers to register as a new site user via an automatic email which will contain a link with a one-time RSVP code that when clicked will create their account, apply selected security roles, log them in and then redirect the new user to a selected site page.

An extensive set of role-based permissions and limits as well as security controls may be configured by the module administrator. For example, registered users may be limited to creating one invitation every 12 hours and would be allowed to manage their own invitations but not retract invitations once sent. Users in a member coordinators role might allowed to pre-assign usernames and additional security roles to be applied when the invitee accepts the invitation. Moderation of invitations may also be enabled.

Invitees may also decline an invitation in which case, no further invitations to the invitee email address may be created. The DNN core notifications system is extensively used to provide the inviting user and administrators with the status of each invitation - sent, resent, accepted, declined, expired, etc.

Site administrators can import invitation data from a CSV, Excel or XML file, a MS Access database file, or from an SQL Server database table to invite an organization's existing membership to automatically register on the organization's website.

Minimum DNN Version Required: 07.03.03 for v 01.00.03 or 08.00.03 for v 01.00.04
Minimum ASP.Net Version Required: 4.5

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