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Requirements for bulk import

Feb 25, 2015 at 9:16 PM
Hi William

What are the excel requirements for fields to do a bulk import.

Feb 26, 2015 at 4:30 AM
The required columns depend on some of the site's settings for Display Name format and whether First Name and Last Name profile properties are required. Ideally, the Excel spreadsheet should have a minimum of 3 columns - Email, FirstName and LastName. It is best but not necessary that the first row contain the column (field) names as this makes mapping the import fields to the invitation fields easier in the 3rd step of the Bulk Import Wizard. The column names can be anything that makes sense to you.

Optional columns would include:
Assigned Username, Assigned DisplayName, Temporary Password, Personal Note, Redirect Page Name, and Assigned Roles

Additional columns may be included but unless mapped in step 3 of the Bulk Import Wizard to one of the invitation fields will be ignored.

In a later version, I may include the capability to map import fields to any user profile field - for example, City, Region, Postal Code but that makes for a very wide mapping grid.

The assigned roles are specified by a semi-colon delimited list of role names. Optionally role effective and expiration dates can be specified following a pipe character |. For example,
Content Editors|expiry; Zone Leaders|effective|expiry; Newsletter Subscribers

The effective and expiry dates should be in a format suitable for the site's culture. For example for en-US, "3/1/2014 12:30 p" should be acceptable.